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Rocket Bunny made widebody kits and over fenders one of the most popular trends in the history of cars. Kei Muira has combined multiple influences from japanese car culture to create a worldwide phenomenon. How did Rocket Bunny become one of the most popular body kit companies in the world?

A HUGE thanks to Dionne Mascunana for helping us with this video. We literally couldn’t have done it without him. He gave us a ton of footage, provided a bunch of really cool information and fun stories about Kei Muira, he even set up an interview with the man himself. He also has some really cool builds. To see more of his stuff follow his youtube channel OMG Miata and also Toyo Tires youtube.
Toyo Tires:

And another big thanks to Kenji at Greddy Performance for sitting down with us. They’re the US distributor of Rocket Bunny kits and accessories. Check them out at:

And of course thanks to Kei Muira for having such a cool story and doing such cool stuff. Check his kits out:

Thanks to Jun Takahashi at Hardcore Tokyo for sharing so much of his incredible underground drifting footage:

Thanks to Tommy Babiarz for coming in clutch with some great last minute footage of Kei:

Amazing animations by Raghav Arumugam Check out his stuff here.

We were so stoked that we were able to get Ryan Hailey to edit this video. He's a super hillarious dude and a ton of funny stuff he added got cut or moved for one reason or another. Here's a link to his channel:

And shouts to Jonny Grunewald for bringing his dope Rocket Bunny RX-8 by our shop to use for the UTS background! trmnl7

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    Notice How Toyota is at the Top of the Head of the Table! Because nothing beats a Toyota Supra. Nissan makes terrible cars that break because of horrible design flaws smallest and simplest example would be their battery attached fuse box with 5-7 incased fuses. 1 fuse goes 45-90$ for a new one can't just replace a fuse, adds up. Frontier back tailgate latch 4 easy screws to take it off entire thing is plastic easy to steal cost 350$ US for a new one. dodge ford chevy toyota the price is 5-25$ 350$ could get you 8 complete tailgates at kenny u pull. If your frontier is standard and a part of your clutch goes guess what. They only sell the entire clutch set for 2000$. Just need a clutch plate? don't worry Nissan will make sure you have extra parts laying around. Had a new nissans and not one of them did i like from 96 240sx, 1999 sentra, 2006 frontier. I replaced My Nissan Love for Toyota after buying a 1998 Toyota Celica GT-Four owned it since 2004, Swapped the sentra for a 6 speed 2001 v6 Toyota Camry and Swapped the Frontier out for a 2006 3500 cummings twin turbo Dodge ram. Toyotas have never broken down on me ever in the amount of years i've owned them i've spent 9000$ on them together that includes new tires after 10+ years and general up keep. Nissans cost a lot specially if you live in Canada they rot fast.

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