Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (4K60 IMAX AR)

For the first time in 14 years, experience Daft Punk like never before! The first professionally recorded live show; revived meticulously by remastering and restoring the audio and video.

The Alive 2007 show is considered a staple in live performances featuring the signature 'Pyramid' and groundbreaking visuals, which is now complemented by a fully remastered audio track which aims to maximize the experience.

This video was subjected to an extensive restoration process. Initially it went through Topaz Video Enhance AI, afterwards it was extensively processed through Davinci Resolve. The total render time is estimated to be 65 hours.

Presenting the ultimate authentic Daft Punk experience.

00:00:00 - 00:01:10 - Intro
00:01:10 - 00:07:30 - Robot Rock / Oh Yeah
00:07:30 - 00:12:59 - Touch It / Technologic
00:12:59 - 00:17:51 - Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls
00:17:51 - 00:24:30 - Too Long / Steam Machine
00:24:30 - 00:30:35 - Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger
00:30:35 - 00:37:45 - Burnin' / Too Long
00:37:45 - 00:42:41 - Face To Face / Short Circuit
00:42:41 - 00:48:52 - One More Time / Aerodynamic
00:48:52 - 00:51:54 - Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About The World
00:51:54 - 01:02:46 - The Prime Time Of Your Life / The Brainwasher / Rollin' / Alive
01:02:46 - 01:09:20 - Da Funk / Daftendirekt
01:09:20 - 01:15:16 - Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll
01:15:16 - 01:16:04 - Main Show End; Intermission
01:16:04 - 01:26:15 - Encore (Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better With You)

A personal thank-you to Johnny Airbag for the fantastic video. The audio is based off the Alive 2007 CD, which was remastered on the iLoud MTM's.

Alive 2007 (1080p60 8bit x264 WAV) (12GB): bit.ly/3bNVwrc (ARCHIVE.ORG)
Alive 2007 (2160p60 8bit x265 WAV) (94GB): DOWN - TORRENT INCOMING

Technical Specs:
Video: 4096x2160 59.94FPS 1.19:1 - Video was upscaled from a DVD capture to the full frame 4K IMAX aspect ratio. It was NOT recorded on IMAX cameras.
Color Space: 8bit YCbCr 4:2:2.
Video Stream: 152 Mb/s. AVC (High@L5.2) - 91GB .MOV
Audio Stream: 2304 kb/s, 24bit, 2 Channel - 1.39GB .WAV

Processed on:
OS: Xubuntu 20.04 LTS
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX
RAM: 64GB 3600mhz CL16
DISPLAY: Samsung CHG90 + LG CX



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    4K60 TORRENT IS UP: bit.ly/3cTDYud

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    update the description

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    Would it be too much trouble to ask you for the audio only? I have the FLAC for this but find all the cutting between tracks annoying and taking me out of the experience. I would truly appreciate it if you could link the wav for this. Thank you so much sir.

  4. DSquaredDan


    @A'AN Communications you still haven't added this link to the description of the video. it still says "DOWN - TORRENT INCOMING". So unless people see your comment here, they won't know about this torrent

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    @Tryggmundur try again, it's in a lot of seedboxes now...

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    They're wonderful! Don't personally give two shits about the breakup tho -- I mean, LOOK AT THIS SHIT: no electronic set can top it, in Daft Punk's territory anyway If they never get back together, that's fine! Clearly they hot a literal peak, just like Muse. Hip hop, Dilla, Flylo, other Ableton or audio prodigies are way better than ANY Daft Pumk

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    Because the description is kinda long : Tracklist: 00:00:00 - 00:01:10 - Intro 00:01:10 - 00:07:30 - Robot Rock / Oh Yeah 00:07:30 - 00:12:59 - Touch It / Technologic 00:12:59 - 00:17:51 - Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls 00:17:51 - 00:24:30 - Too Long / Steam Machine 00:24:30 - 00:30:35 - Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger 00:30:35 - 00:37:45 - Burnin' / Too Long 00:37:45 - 00:42:41 - Face To Face / Short Circuit 00:42:41 - 00:48:52 - One More Time / Aerodynamic 00:48:52 - 00:51:54 - Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About The World 00:51:54 - 01:02:46 - The Prime Time Of Your Life / The Brainwasher / Rollin' / Alive 01:02:46 - 01:09:20 - Da Funk / Daftendirekt 01:09:20 - 01:15:16 - Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll 01:15:16 - 01:16:04 - Main Show End; Intermission 01:16:04 - 01:26:15 - Encore (Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better With You) This is just copy paste of the description list, i'm not the one who made it

  23. Adrien P

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    Do we all agree that there is a person in the public who happened to be just next to the mic, and obviously DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE !! XD Sample : 13:50

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    This concert: **EXISTS** A'AN Communications: oh lemme just post this on THnick because I'm so epic. Edit: Thank u so much A'AN Communications for posting this I never got to see the concert because I wasn't born yet in 2007 so thx

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    And I can’t help but cheer out loud with the audience at the end! That’s powerful!

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    Si la escuchas entera será jaja (muy posible, para mí lo es) de las mejores `aventuras visuales y musicales’ de tu vida, eso sí, con cascos !!()// XD Son DIOSES “Nadie hace mejor la música electrónica que los robots”

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    I have honestly waited 10 years for this video to happen. Undisputably the best electronic music live show ever made. I wish I could have seen it in real. So great there is finally a great record of one of the concerts, even if not perfect at some moments and not the hottest place of the tour. Thank you !

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